Month: October 2022

Pool Popping Out Of The Ground

A pool in your backyard can be the ultimate way to relax and splash on a hot summer day. Despite the appeal, pools have serious downsides like “pool popping” that [...]
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White Pool Caulking

How To Caulk Your Inground Swimming Pool

When was the last time you replaced the caulk between your inground swimming pool and the deck? Routine maintenance of your pool’s caulk can prevent serious damage to the structure [...]
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Retaining Wall Drainage Guide

Retaining walls are popular pool features. They are cosmetically attractive and are particularly advantageous if your pool is near the start of a slope and needs extra structural support to [...]
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How Long Should a Salt Cell Last?

If you have a saltwater pool, you might wonder how long your salt cell should last. The lifespan of a salt cell depends on a few factors, including water quality [...]
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Landscaped Above Ground Pool

How To Make an Above Ground Pool Look Nice

Many people installing pools in their backyards, hotels, or other public and commercial areas want to make sure that their pool looks as aesthetically pleasing as possible. In-ground pools are [...]
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Above ground pool

How To Drain an Above Ground Pool

Unfortunately, summer has to end. So, if you are one of the millions of people who invest in an above ground pool annually, it is time to store the pool. [...]
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