Are Pool Bubblers Worth It? (Pros, Cons, Ideas & Cost)

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Trendy, whimsical, and chic, pool bubblers have it all.

If you are looking to take your pool to the next level or want to build the most fantastic pool right from the start, consider bubblers.

Here we will examine all the pros, cons, ideas, and costs associated with pool bubblers. Should you get them? Consider this:

What Is a Pool Bubbler?

Pool bubblers, sometimes called gushers, are small water features that create fountains in a pool. Bubblers were initially meant to replicate the bubbly nature of natural hot springs but have since become a staple feature in many ornate swimming pools.

While the maximum height most bubblers can reach is around two to three feet, there is no limit on how many you can have in your pool. The height is also adjustable.

Most people install bubblers at the entrance to pools, either on the steps or on a tanning ledge. You can choose to put bubblers in a place where you can interact with them, like at a beach entry, or use them purely for decoration around other water features like waterfalls.

Bubblers are a nifty design element in any pool and can have some amazing benefits too. Let’s look at the pros and cons of pool bubblers.

Pros of Pool Bubblers

If you are considering adding bubblers to your pool, there are a few things you should know beforehand. To begin, there are many positive aspects to pool bubblers. Here are the main pros.


The apparent attraction of pool bubblers lies in their aesthetic design. Watching flowing water can be captivating. With the addition of colored LEDs, pool bubblers can bring a new dimension to your pool and open it up to a nightlife you never knew you wanted.

Pools can often look like static, stagnant things. A pool bubbler helps break up this dead space and add a sense of life to the yard. The constantly churning water keeps some movement to the pool.

Humans like looking at fountains, and we like looking at the ocean, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who likes looking at a bucket of water. Pool bubblers are pretty.

Sound Control

In addition to looking nice, pool bubblers can also help to block out unwanted neighborhood noises.

If there are dogs barking, or you live near a busy road, or the neighbors have a tendency to watch their TV at full volume, it’s understandable you’d want to block that out.

Even if there is no extra noise to repress, the calming white noise of a pool bubbler can help you relax and fully enjoy the peace of your backyard. If you close your eyes, you can imagine yourself lying on the beach beside the ocean or sitting on a rock at the base of a waterfall.

Keeping It Cool

A hidden feature of pool bubblers that often gets overlooked is that they can help to keep your pool cool.

The constantly churning water cools down as it comes into contact with the air and cycles that cooler water back through the pool. What’s more, if the sun is constantly beating down on still water, it will get much hotter, much faster than turbulent water will.


If you’ve ever desired to climb into a public fountain, you need a pool bubbler.

In addition to helping you live out your dreams, pool bubblers also double as a mini splash pad for kids. The jets are fun to play in, and they will keep your kids entertained for hours.

Cons of Pool Bubblers

As will any undertaking, you will find both pros and cons to pool bubblers. Thankfully the pros well outweigh the cons. Here are a couple of cons to consider before you decide on adding pool bubblers.


One of the only real downsides to pool bubblers is the cost. While they are relatively inexpensive, the more features you tack on, the higher the price will climb.

Extra mechanics like lights, timers, and specialty nozzles can rack up your total reasonably fast.


Whether you are planning to build your pool with bubblers right from the start or want to retrofit them, the cost and inconvenience of labor and installation can be extreme.

The extra steps it adds to building a pool will slow down the process quite a bit, and if you want to add a bubbler to an existing pool, you may have to make more modifications than you initially anticipated.

Some Fun Inspiration

Perhaps the most important step when considering pool bubblers is the design layout. While you might like the idea of bubbly water, you can’t throw bubblers in just anywhere. For starters, bubblers need to be in shallow water.

Beach entries, steps, tanning ledges, and small shelves make excellent spots for pool bubblers. You can also incorporate them into other water features like waterfalls and overflow spas.

Some top designs include:

  • Bubbler lined steps
  • Tanning ledge with bubblers and seating
  • Overflow spa with bubbler
  • Bubbler feature wall
  • Natural spring with bubblers and waterfall

Bubbler Lined Steps

What better way to enter a pool than walking down cascading water steps?

This bubbler feature keeps the pool water moving nicely while also adding some glam to the entry.

Tanning Ledge with Bubblers and Seating

A popular design choice is to incorporate both seats and bubblers into tanning ledges. The seats make tanning more comfortable and easy because you won’t drift away, and the bubblers keep the water cool and add some ambient sound.

It is the perfect environment for relaxation and respite.

Overflow Spa with Bubbler

If you have a separate or semi-detached spa, adding a bubbler to the center makes for an endearingly unique oasis in the middle of your yard.

The bubbler helps keep the water moving to prevent algae growth but also adds some nice ambiance.

It makes a fine centerpiece if you are in the spa and a lovely water feature if you are not.

Bubbler Feature Wall

Try adding a bubbler feature wall if you are not looking to interact with the bubblers quite as much. With a small shelf running the length of one edge and some fabulous lighting, you’ll have a unique and magical pool experience guaranteed.

Natural Spring with Bubblers and Waterfall

Finally, if you want a more natural look for your pool, why not try a multilevel, stone layout with bubblers and waterfalls.

The flowing water will shimmer and gurgle just like a natural spring. This kind of design makes afternoons in the pool feel like afternoons in an exotic rainforest or tropical paradise.


There is a wide range when it comes to pool bubblers. You’re likely to find ones that cost anywhere between $500 to $1000 each. On top of that, there are installation fees.

The more bells and whistles a pool bubbler has, the more it will cost, but on average, you should be able to find ones for around $700 each.

If you plan to add bubblers to an existing pool, strap in for a lot of work. The pool will likely need parts excavated, new pipes and wires run, and the pool pump will have to have height control valves added for each bubbler.

Fortunately, once the headache of installation is out of the way, bubblers barely add any cost to operating the pool.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the style of bubbler you choose, or the design you pick, pool bubblers are sure to turn your pool from stagnant to chic in no time. There are almost no cons to pool bubblers, so why not?

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