Are Pool Scuppers Worth it? (Pros, Cons, Ideas & Cost)

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Are you looking to take your pool to the next level with a waterfall effect? 

Pool scuppers might be your answer. 

No matter what type of pool you own, there is a style, size, and material that will fit your needs and make your backyard a fun place to swim. This article explains what pool scuppers are, the benefits and drawbacks, and the many design options to pursue.

What are Pool Scuppers?

Pool scuppers are ports designed to facilitate water overflow and movement from one pool section to another.

The name “scupper” comes from boats and nautical culture. They are drains positioned on the side of a boat, and they enable water to escape if levels are too high on the deck or cockpit.

The scupper concept also extends to pools in more ways than one. Scuppers serve as a visual addition with an arched, cascading, peaceful water flow that drops into the pool. However, it still plays a critical role in transporting water from a spa or a different area of the pool.

Pool scuppers come in various designs, sizes, and materials. These materials include bronze, stone, stainless steel, and copper. Pool scuppers are usually set up in an elevated area of the pool, which can feature a heightened spa, columns, or standard wall. 

Depending on the type of scupper you choose, you could also add customization to the final design.


You want to make sure you choose the right design, function, and material before investing in pool scuppers. 

Before you make your purchase decision, it would be best to look at the positives and negatives of pool scuppers.

Peaceful Noise

Many people describe the noise of pool scuppers as therapeutic. When you have delightful pool scuppers, you can close your eyes and meditate with the relaxing sound of the fountain hitting the water. 

The sound of water is soothing to many ears, which is why many homeowners decide to have pool scuppers installed in their backyard.

Pool scuppers also overpower other external noises while you use the pool. The sound of the fountains will create a sense of isolation and privacy, which is what everyone desires when owning a pool.

Attractive Design

One of the biggest pros of pool scuppers is their attractive appearance. The waterfall display will not only create a relaxing noise, but it will also be a beautiful sight to see. There are many design enhancements for your pool, but nothing compares to a pool scupper.

We will dive into the different design options, where you see how the different designs are applied. The choice is yours when designing your pool, including Roman, rustic, and modern. Depending on your current style of home, you can match it up with the ideal pool scuppers.

Water Flow

It is also essential to highlight the primary function of pool scuppers: water flow. Pool scuppers do an excellent job of transferring water from one section to another.

Having these in place will facilitate pool water circulation, which also maintains a cool temperature. When the water is colder, it extends the life of chlorine. 

The sun can use up the chlorine quickly, which makes your pool dirty. Having pool scuppers in place will proactively keep your pool fresh, which will also save you money in the long run.

Multiple Types of Material Available

As discussed already, there is a diverse set of pool scupper materials to choose from. As the homeowner, you have the freedom to decide on a style that matches up with your home design. You can select between stainless steel, copper, stone, or bronze. 

It never hurts to strengthen the outdoor aesthetic and bring it out with your pool scuppers.


Most of the downside of pool scuppers stems from the cost, but below are the main things to consider before installing pool scuppers in your yard.


The costs associated with pool scuppers can add up quickly. It is essential to gather cost estimates from multiple pool builders. Make sure to get an accurate quote with installation and labor included. 

Depending on the pool scupper design you look for, it can add up to a few thousand dollars for the total expense.

Noise For Others

The sound of pool scuppers might be peaceful for you and your family. However, your neighbors may not appreciate or prefer the noise across the fence. They could also be jealous that you did not invite them for a pool day yet, so that invitation could always fix this issue.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining your pool scuppers can also be a significant time investment, especially the stone types. Much like other parts of your pool, scuppers are prone to debris, dirt, and other organisms clogging the spout. 

If you outline a consistent cleaning schedule, you can eliminate future damage from algae, bacteria, and other contaminants.

Design Ideas

The opportunities are endless with pool scuppers and how they can enhance your pool.

Some of the most common aesthetic pool scupper designs include:

  • Feature wall scuppers
  • Spa scuppers
  • Column scuppers
  • Sheet flow scuppers
  • Wide scuppers

Feature Wall Scuppers

The most popular scupper design comes on a feature wall in a group of three. Depending on your home style, you can choose this design with all the materials mentioned previously. 

However, you cannot go wrong with bronze scuppers on a unique rock wall, which will release a 3-foot waterfall.

Spa Scuppers

Apart from pools, scuppers can also be a valuable addition to luxury spas. If you go this route, you can install a trio of small scuppers that resemble spouts. It will feel like you are in a foreign palace if you perfect this design. 

Spas and hot tubs are the perfect spots to close your eyes and relax, making it a great place to add in the soothing sounds of scuppers.

Column Scuppers

Column scuppers are another popular option behind the feature wall scuppers. They do give off a more elegant vibe to the pool because of the waterfall appearance. Depending on the size of the column, you can allow the scupper to give off a 3-5-foot waterfall. 

The best materials to use for the column scuppers are stone.

Sheet Flow Scuppers

Sheet flow scuppers pair well with any type of pool design. If you wish to have a thinner and wider waterfall, this is an excellent option to go with. The flow of water will give off the sleek, glassy, and elegant shape of a natural waterfall.

Wide Scuppers

Wide scuppers usually resemble a trio of sheet flow scuppers next to each other. The extra-wide design is a hit for many types of walls. Many pool owners will install this on a shorter wall with a small profile.


Many things go into the cost of new pool scuppers. Because you circulate and redirect water, you must calculate how much water movement is needed.

Pool scuppers are usually set up with a separate pump to accommodate this needed volume. Designating a different pump will boost your monthly water bill, which is why you need to budget for it.

To Scupper, or Not

When it comes down to the average cost of a pool scupper, the price can range between $100-$200. However, the total cost extends far beyond the unit price for each. 

Expenses can add up when you build a feature wall, columns, or raised spa to hold the scuppers. You should also calculate how long it will take the workers to set up the pool scuppers.

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